Your own computer on the cloud

We give you your own virtual computer on the cloud. For all practical purposes, they are the same as dedicated computers and they are fast. They virtualise the latest and the best Intel offer. And, you can upgrade your computer to a bigger one, fuss free, when your site gets bigger.

Cloud computing is seen by many as the next wave of information technology for individuals, companies and governments. The abundant supply of information technology capabilities at a low cost offers many enticing opportunities. In addition to reducing operational costs, cloud technologies have become the basis for radical business innovation and new business models, and for significant improvements in the effectiveness of anyone using information technology – which, these days, increasingly means most of the world.

There are three main players on the Cloud: Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Amazon is the oldest. They basically invented the concept. We started offerings Purdox first on Amazon’s EC2 platform, which is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are looking at the possibilties of offering Purdox on other platforms. Watch this space…