No amount of clever SEO will save you

Google always favored fast websites, but soon they will be penalizing slow sites. Once you get an account on a shared host, you are stuck with that speed. You cannot increase it. Not to mention the unreliability that is inherent in a shared environment.

If you are on a shared hosting environment, server load spikes are something that can happen from time to time due to multiple users all sharing the same physical hardware. This is unavoidable.

If you want to speed your WordPress set-up, here are your options:

  1. Get a dedicated computer for your site; Very expensive and requires server administration knowledge
  2. Move to a specialist host for WordPress hosting; Expensive
  3. Get a VPS (Virtual Private Server); Unless it is from a reputable hosting company it offers not much of an speed advantage, and it’s expensive.
  4. Get Purdox and be done with it.

Free hosting for one year

Purdox, running on Amazon’s cloud costs the same as shared hosting and it is fast as well as reliable. To ease the decison, how about to tell you that Amazon offers you a free account for one year?