Purdox allows you to create a virtual computer with a reliable and fast WordPress installation on it. We have automated the process and simplified it that in three easy steps you will be ready to publish. The entire process takes a few minutes.

It’s as easy as One, Two, Three.

  1. Create an Amazon Web Services AWS account
  2. Create a computer using the Purdox AMI
  3. Install WordPress

That’s all. You can now login to your WordPress and start blogging.

Your WordPress will be faster than 90% of the installs out there. Public test will be published soon.

If you know what you are doing, here is the the public AMI list for Purdox Amazon AWS Machine Images:

US-East (N. Virgina): 5ad16932
US-West (N. California): 55a7ad10
US-West (Oregon): 19ce8229
Asia-Pasific (Tokyo): cf3701ce
Asia-Pasific (Singapore): 0685a354
Asia-Pasific (Sydney): 5b7a1761
EU (Ireland): 3a9c304d
EU (Frankfurt, Germany): fc083ee1
South America (Sao Paulo): a3c97dbe

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